Full name

Filis Ann Ozkurdum


Illustrator/Concept Artist


Montreal, QC


I am a Montreal based artist who loves to draw and creating art for people to experience. Growing up, I watched many movies and shows from Japan (From Miyazaki's works to Kamen Rider Black), and I have watched my mother draw many of my favourite characters as a child, which has inspired me over the years to become an artist.

I currently work at Moment Factory, where we specialize in creating an inviting and fulfilling spaces for everyone of all ages around the world to enjoy, and of course designing shows for people to remember.

Mini Comic about me: https://tapas.io/series/Tea-Time-with-Filis


Freelance Artist


Montreal, QC · June 2012 – Present

Multimedia Designer

Moment Factory

Montreal, QC · September 2017 – Present

Tasks: Storyboards (and animatics), Concept Art, Beauty Shots, Illustrations, Art Direction


Twice Dome tour 2019 – On The Line Inc.
Songs: The Best Thing I Ever Did, Only 너 (acoustics)
Art direction, storyboards, animatics

“ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 × 20”
Songs : Breathless
Storyboards, animatics

“Keren – Cool Japan Park” – Yoshimoto Kogyo
Storyboards (Ninja Sword Fight Design), Concept Art (Seasons, Yokai Cemetary, Ninja Sword Fight Design


“Sakuya Lumina” — Yoshimoto
(Character design, asset design, general concept art)

“D.S. DestiNY” show – Cipriani
(Early Concept art, storyboards)

“Light up the 6ix” event – Bell
(Concept art)

Lyric Video for JAIN’s “STAR”
(Concept keyframes)

“Rainforest Lumina” – Wildlife Reserve Singapore Zoo
(Concept art for environment)

Childish Gambino tour 2018
(Concept art for stage design)

“Nocturnal Fantasy” – Yokohama Sea Paradise
(Character Designs, Background Painter)

“Namie Amuro Concert”
(Assets for animation)

Freelance Artist


Montreal, QC · June 2014 – Present

-SuperBoost Monkey – 2014
Environment, Logo, Prop and Character Designs

-2 unannounced Projects
Environment, Logo, Prop and Character Designs

Freelance Artist

Cardboard Utopia

Montreal, QC · March 2017 – March 2017

Small illustrations for the virtual playing cards for the game “Children of the Zodiarcs”

Freelance Storyboard Artist


Montreal, QC · April 2014 – December 2014

-Creating basic storyboards for illustrated videos for companies to use to advertise their services.

-Worked with Final Cut Pro to help edit the clips of the recorded drawings, before having it sent to the video editor.

Volunteer Designer

SPA Montreal

Montréal, Canada · November 2012 – November 2012

Volunteered my time and skills to help create a banner to be used at their kiosk at events, as well as editing some of their business cards on Adobe Illustrator.


DEC in Illustration and Design

Dawson College

Montreal, QC · 2008 – 2011


Moment Factory Cardboard Utopia Okidokico Starbucks Coffee SPA Montreal Convernet Miscellaneum Studios


Character Design, Art Direction, Storyboards


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Manga Studio 5, Storyboard Artist, Concept Art, Illustration, Storyboard Pro, Adobe After Effects